Whitehearth Facility

The “Whitehearth Facility” was a secret compound of House Cannith where they made some of their boldest experiments during the Last War, including a few of the prototypes that eventually led to the creation of the first warforged. The codename derives from the way it is secretly marked in Rose Quarry. In its final years of operation, it was ran by Haestus D’Cannith who had obtained an ancient creation pattern and schema from Xen’drik. He and his people extended their experiments largely without oversight from house officials. Heastus used his unique combination of skill in necromancy and artifice to make prototypes of several weapons and soldiers to be used in the war. These included warforged berserkers and early experiments on warforged that had flesh and looked like humans that could act as infiltrators. In the Whitehearth Facility The Destroyer and Calmachia were also brought into Eberron, apparently with the aid of the Xen’drik artifacts.

The forge’s importance was not lost on other forces. Shortly before the Mourning ended the Last War, a group of irregular special forces, thought to be a freelance mercenary team in service to the Karrnathi government, collapsed the forge’s entrance, trapping everyone inside. Haestus and the other artificers died slowly.

The Karrnathi irregulars were journeying through Cyre with news of their success when the Mourning struck. Nobody saw them ever again. In the chaos that surrounded the ensuing events, the Whitehearth Facility was all but forgotten. Even though House Cannith knows of the forge, its actual location was secreted in documents held within Cyre. Or so the house officials thought.

At the end of 997 YK, Jelia discovered a mention of the forge while going through old documents from the Last War. She also found captured documents indicating that the Cannith artificers had been working on things that could have turned the tide of the Last War.

Rather than report it to Brelish authorities, Jelia consulted Dalmar who got her in touch with what he said were goblin mercenaries (but were actually Kech Sharaat operatives) led by Valsath.

The mission started out promising. The entrance to the forge complex was beyond recovery, so the team blew a hole in a nearby cliff. This new cave allowed access to a small complex of
natural caverns that connect to the forge.

Once inside, Jelia and the Bladebearers discovered prototype constructs and they also found Haestus d’Cannith, now a flaming forgewraith. Since Jelia and Valsath and Dalmar planned to restart the forge, Haestus agreed to work with them. Everything was going well, until they arrived at the heart of the complex. Here they found the creation forge, and next to it stood the hulking, motionless form of the prototype dragon Calmachia.

Several days of sweat and toil allowed Jelia to activate her. When the dragon stirred, the creation forge also came to life. Machinery whirred and gears turned, although the forge was clearly damaged.

“I am Calmachia,” said the dragon, “and my heart and this forge are one. And you are mine now.” It turns out that before she went into torpor, the dragon had linked the forge to herself.

Calmachia promptly set to work creating smaller dragonlike constructs—her “children.” Valsath and Dalmar quickly turned on Jelia, keeping the artificer and her apprentice Marus alive for further use.

Meanwhile, in Sharn, the King’s Citadel became concerned about the disappearance of one of their agents. Captain Kalaes knew that Jelia was on her way to Darguun when she was investigating an old war-era Cannith facility. When Lady Elaydren D’Cannith suggested that one of the Xen’drik schemas might be in the Whitehearth Facility, and that the abandoned House outpost of Rose Quarry would likely hold a clue as to its location, Captain Kalaes ordered the party to go ahead and do her mission on their way to returning the Ashen Crown to Darguun.

On their way to Whitehearth, the party found that the Emerald Claw also had a strong interest in the secrets contained there. Most of the party escaped the confrontation, but Thoran was captured and tricked into leading them to the forge. The party was several days ahead of them though, and they were joined by Baron and Claz D’Medani.

The party arrived and fought past hobgoblin guards and security measures that Jelia reactivated. They were confronted by Haestus, who showed forth his fiery necromatic power and killed Ellevoir Maedhros.

Whitehearth Facility

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