Zoltan (Zorebots)

Many Masks Trying to Become a Soul


Zoltan is NOT any of the following:

  • tall

  • short

  • fat
  • Zoltan
  • lean

  • dark

  • light

  • cruel

  • kind

  • clean

  • dirty

  • beautiful

  • ugly

Zoltan first appeared under his codename Zorebots. It is best to not consider Zoltan for too long— or it may very well drive you mad. He is not bound by your logic. He rejects your reality and substitutes it with his own. Literally.

This is what is known: He says he has a father and family in Sharn. He says he spent most of his life in the Shadow Marshes, where he received training, and where he also met Rolan. At some point, he joined the King’s Dark Lanterns and has been apparently doing missions for them ever since.

Lucan Stellos said that the Dark Lanterns kept him around and were relatively lenient with Zoltan because they were keeping him as a living weapon. After a private conversation with him, Lucan appears to have gone mad. Zoltan has an inexplicable fascination with Claz, adding to the grief his misunderstood actions have caused in the party.
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Zoltan (Zorebots)

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