The Emotive Archer of Valenar


Ranger archer build.


Thoran is an elf of many passions. He is controversial in his homeland for wanting to wage a cultural war more than a war of blood and steel. He considers elves to be the supreme humanoids and humans to be a dying race. Conspirators in the court of the Valaes Tairn sent him to be a diplomat in Sharn in order to get him away from the political scene. In Sharn he met the party and became involved in their adventures, often aristocratically assuming the leadership role.

He has an enduring grudge against Garrow, who disguised himself as an elf maid named Melian to win him over. In this form Garrow was able to get back on the trail of the Whitehearth Facility. Thoran had risked himself, practically giving himself up to the Emerald Claw, to throw them off the trail. After being captured and tortured, Thoran decides to depart and leave adventuring in his brother Baron’s capable hands for a time.


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