A Menacing Priest and Officer in the Emerald Claw.


He has pale skin, fangs, and red glowing eyes. He dresses in rich robes.


Garrow was first encountered at Rose Quarry where he demonstrated dark power. He is cunning and arrogant, and takes great pleasure in outdoing his enemies in ways that make them suffer. Like many Emerald Claw, he covets items and artifacts that could advance their cause. His main interests and conflicts with the party are the Ashen Crown and the Creation Pattern (see below). Garrow put no small amount of effort (or lives of his men) to find the creation schema in the Whitehearth Facility. He was able to find the compound and steal away the schema in the form of Melian. It is very possible that he was involved in other Emerald Claw encounters as well.

Items in Garrow’s Possession


Mouldy Rye Butter 1368