Lady Elaydren D'Cannith

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Lady Elaydren is an heir and representative of House Cannith East. She carries a quiet dignity and does not stand out very well in a crowd, or, for that matter, in someone’s mind. A careful observer, though might notice a near constant state of fear and anxiety behind her eyes.


A messenger approached the party after they witnessed the murder of Provost Bonal Geldem by a warforged. He said he was from House Cannith and thus they were pulled by the threads of the Prophecy into the quest for the Creation Pattern.

Lady Elaydren represents House Cannith East. Thoran had already been working with her in his diplomatic post. She hires the party to find schemas of the creation pattern as information about them turns up. She pays well and wants to hire from outside her house to save face. Her main enemies and competitors for the schemas are the Emerald Claw and Saber, who fights for The Lord of Blades.

Captain Kalaes says he does not trust Elaydren and thinks there is more at work then she lets on.

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Lady Elaydren D'Cannith

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