Therendor Three

The “Therendor Three” is the term the media coined for the three Morgrave professors who died mysteriously at different times in Therendor 998 YK. The three professors were, in order of death: Valna D’Cannith, Gydd Nephret, and Bonal Geldem.

An article from the Sharn Inquisitive written by Content Not Found: torvin(see below) showed how suspicious the link between Acamath Élan and the deaths was, sparking many conspiracy theories. Acamath has never faced any charges on the matter. The real reason behind the secrecy is a cover-up by the King’s Citadel, who don’t want their involvement to be known (which would bring light onto sensitive state secrets), and still have use for Acamath.

From the Sharn Inquisitive

MP Hopeful Connected to University Deaths


UPPER MENTHIS- The Therendor deaths of three Morgave University professors has shaken the campus and made international news. On Mol the university is expected to open its doors again, but for many students and faculty, some questions remain unanswered.

However, more facts have come to light that may open new doors on the path to closure for friends and family of the deceased. It is known that Acamath Élan, a former MP and adjunct professor at Morgave, was in Nephret’s apartment at the night of her disappearance. The Inquisitive recently learned through an anonymous source that, at least at one time, Élan’s relationship with her was more than professional. Officers of the King’s Citadel were at the scene shortly after reports of clamor from the residence, sparking theories of involvement at high levels.

When reporters approached, they were confronted by a Redcloak, who used threatening words and body postures to keep them at bay. It is now confirmed that this member of the RCB was Dalmar— the same Dalmar who was recently convicted and executed on charges of high treason. It seems that Élan had continued his relationship with Dalmar even though he was no longer officially serving as his bodyguard. The professor has been embattled with questions and suspicions ever since it was discovered that he had dealings with the criminal.

The Hon. Prof. Élan also has interesting connections to the other faculty involved in the case. According to Content Not Found: gengri_ of the Arcana department, a _Content Not Found: dorn and an elf identifying himself as “Titus” approached Élan and said that one of the other faculty members, Valna d’Cannith, was searching for Dhaakani era artifacts in the lower city and had just discovered a major excavation site, but had run into trouble down in the Cogs. Élan and (once again) Dalmar immediately departed for that location. Valna was found dead the next day.

In Therendor, Bonal Geldem, provost of the History department, gave a speech in which he decried the practice of “moonlighting”, a clandestine practice that many see as hurting Morgrave’s reputation. For example, a common saying at Fairhaven’s Wynarn University calls Morgrave the “Institute of learning, relic hunting, and grave robbing”. Later he had lunch with Professor Gengri, who said that Geldem talked about how he had taken an interest in Élan’s work. In the evening after the speech, Geldem told his wife that he was going out to do some “field work”. This was the day before he died.

There are 53 candidates for Sharn’s 9 seats in Brelish parliment, but few have garnered the attention that The Hon. Élan has in recent weeks. A Korranberg graduate, Acamath Élan was elected at 19 as Sharn’s youngest ever MP. He gained the title “Honorable” for civilian heroics on the Day of Mourning. After working several years at Morgrave, Élan began leaving for days or weeks at a time, doing what he later called “adventuring”. In a recent interview, he rehearsed sensational details of his “quests” involving goblins and artifacts. Critics say this is only a way to cover up his illegal digging activities and moonlighting, while at the same time gaining support from the goblin demographic.

Authorities recovered the body of Valna d’Cannith in the Cogs on Olarune 25. Bonal Geldem was found dead on a Menthis bridge half past 8B on Therendor 18. Witnesses say there was some fighting in which one other person died. The Sharn Watch says it was a warforged, but refused to give any other details. Three days later, the SW announced that it had recovered the body of Gydd Nephret, who was reported missing Olarune 28.

Therendor Three

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