The Schemata

Xen’drik Schemata were used tens of thousands of years ago by the giants to create powerful magic that scholars are only just beginning to comprehend. Typically several schemata will combine into a larger creation pattern. These come in two sizes, presumably for the giants and their elf slaves.

The party has been concerned in particular with the Xulo Pattern. Lady Elaydren D’Cannith has hired the party to go out and acquire them as often as clues are found. Captain Kalaes has been supportive of these missions, despite his mistrust for her. The Emerald Claw, agents of the Lord of Blades, and the Bladebearer Hobgoblins have all seen a great potential for power in these and have clashed for their possession.

The schemata for the Xulo Pattern are (named after where they were found):

It is not clear which of these lies down the Rachi River on the current quest.

The Schemata

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