The Destination's Research

The Destination researches, hoping to find more about the quest and his own past.

Talking to Freddi D’Sivis:
“It is important to know that scholars have only reconstructed a small part of the history from the ""Age of Giants. There are four principle causes for the fall of the giant kingdoms that once occupied Xen’drik. These events would have occurred between the 39th and 40th millenia PG (Pre-Galifar). I will list them in chronological order, though not necessarily in order of importance:

  • Scholars disagree as to whether or not this first event occurred or not at all. There is evidence of an invasion from Xoriat at around this time, though how large it was or if it could even be called an invasion is a subject of debate. Most agree that it is not likely to have been anywhere near as influential as the invasion of Khorivaire that occurred towards the end of the Age of Monsters.
  • The main theory is that whatever influence Xoriat had at this time was squelched and overshadowed by the invasion from Dal Qor. This is held to be the most important reason for their downfall. It would have been during this time that the strange powers of the Quori and their realm enchanted the land of Xen’drik. Living nightmares tore into the nations of the giants, and reality itself was scarred by their battles. With their powerful magic learned from the dragons, the giants likely drew on some sort of cataclysmic power to sever the connection between Dal Quor and Eberron— an action that unleashed destruction nearly as disastrous as the war it sought to end.
  • With magical plagues and curses sweeping the land, and with renewed war between the kingdoms, the next part of their downfall was ready to come into play. The slaves revolted more successfully than ever before. Chief among them were the descendants of enslaved eladrin: the elves and the drow. These races continue to be warrior cultures today though they were not fully liberated at this time.
  • The final blow ending the Age of Giants was an attack by dragons. Their purposes in these attacks are always mysterious, but those with more noble views of dragons tend to think it was to stop the powerful magic that the giants used against the Quori from getting out of control."

On this fourth point, Freddi has some side comments not obviously related to the current quest: ""The dragons left Stormreach relatively unscathed. Rumor has it that there is some great source of power under the city that the giants either made or were tapping into. It is possible that the dragons did not want to trigger this power. You just don’t know what is going on with these random invasions throughout history. The current dragon attack on Valenar could be considered another one of these unexplained incursions."

Freddi on the Emerald Claw: ""I do not know much about them. Few people do. You want to know what kinds of magic items they seek and take? They will go for anything that is powerful, ancient or modern. I can tell you one reason they might be trying so hard to complete this Xen’drik pattern, but it is one of many possible reasons. During the Last War the Emerald Claw managed to construct a powerful eldrich machine. These need more than dragonshards to be made. It takes some connection to arcane technology that cannot be found in this age except for among the dragons. The giants
were one of the ancient races that had these powers. The schemata are one of their main keys to unlocking these powers, through extensive study. This particular eldrich machine that the Emerald Claw built was called the Weaver of Flesh. It could mass produce zombie hulks and transfer the physical identity of victims by feeding them live into the machine.

“The giants were capable of even greater things than this. Their magic, as I told you, was powerful enough to affect the entire continent. It could affect even the orbits of the planes. As to just what any given creation pattern can do when completed, there is a wide range of possibilities.”

Talking to Elder Gaulronak, of the Giant Tents of Rushemé:


The Destination's Research

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