Order of the Emerald Claw


The Emerald Claw emerged seemingly from nowhere during the Last War. The Karnnathi soldiers received them as saviors at a time when the war effort looked very grim for them. Karnnath was having desperate food problems and was losing ground fast. The Emerald Claw soldiers fought with ferocity and seemed to have no fear of death. Where battle lines once crumbled under the furious assaults of enemy soldiers, the mysterious elite shock troops stood like stone ogres.

The Emerald Claw has always defined itself as a “chivalrous order” of knightly elites, but after the Last War, they began to be branded as terrorists and fanatics. Regent Moranna, under King Kaius, officially outlawed the order, turning former heroes into criminals.

Regardless of whether or not their label was true, the Emerald Claw today show their extremism and bitter zealotry through brazen acts of sabotage. They relentlessly hunt the most powerful items and artifacts to increase their domination.

Many observers wonder, “What is their problem?” The truth is that no one fully knows what drives them, other than that there is an undeniable religiosity to their ways.

The party first encountered them when they began their conflict with Tikulti and Demise. They had some sort of agreement with the Emerald Claw to secure the Ashen Crown. Later, the party runs into them again at Rose Quarry, and ever since then they have been in competition over the schemas.

Notable Members

Order of the Emerald Claw

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