Making a New Character

Read through the Eberron Player’s Guide, which I will try to get you a copy to borrow. If you don’t have time to do a lot of reading, be sure to at least read “Ten Important Facts” pp. 4-5. You’ll also be using Chapter 5 (see below). You’re free to use all the character options in this book.

Starting scores: You can use any of the methods on pp. 17-18 of the Players Handbook. If you roll your scores, I repeat the caution that you could be stuck with bad scores. Please do your rolls in front of the DM.

You should limit your character options to what is found in the PH or Eberron guide, unless you have your own copy of the any of the other books. Please see the list of accepted canon for this campaign.

You’ll be making a character higher than level 1, and so for equipment I use the usual 4e rules (now it gets fun). Magic items can be found in Ch 7 of the PH.

  • Get whatever nonmagical, nonalchemical stuff you want within reason. Pay attention to your carrying capacity.

  • You start with three powerful magic items: one equal to your level, one of your level +1, and one of your level -1.

  • In addition, you have gp equal to level -1 (see chart on p. 223). For example, if you are level 4, you have 840 gold left over. You can use that to buy whatever you want before you start playing.

Chapter 5 of the Eberron Player’s Guide is important not only because it will help you come up with a background intertwined with the setting, but also because you can get the statistical bonus of an associated skill. Follow the instructions in the sidebar on page 122.

Team Building

In movies, people of different backgrounds and interests often learn to put aside their differences; and, as if by fate, become unlikely allies in a common cause. This does not happen very often in D&D. The heavens do not care what your fictional characters do. You must be the voice of fate and create a character that will be able to join the group without too much trouble. I will do what I can to integrate you, but if your PC turns down numerous opportunities to join the group because that’s what the character would do, it’s probably your fault. You are responsible for the character you make. However, there is hope. The best way to work your way into the group is to invent a shared past. Please tie your background in with at least two of the other characters already in the campaign (You’ll probably need to talk to the people playing them).

Making a New Character

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