Mouldy Rye Butter

Flashing Back and Back and Back
First Zombie Horde

Garth, Läncen, Rolan, and Sora saw some kind of light emanate from Sora and it dispersed the blizzard— or so it seemed. The trees looked very different. It would slowly become revealed that they were transported back to The Age of Demons. There was a somewhat demonic looking creature was there, hunting in the forest. It turned out to be Amun, who was a changeling taking the form of one of the creatures of that era. Sora was able to communicate telepathically and determine that he meant no harm. Amun said that the woods were dangerous at night, and that the only safe haven was an old temple. From here we started to run “Chaos Scar: Dead by Dawn” Dungeon Magazine #176 adapted for Eberron.

Some Highlights

Outside the temple, the forest is filled with a cacophony of agonized moaning and screaming that turns your blood to ice. Through the main entrance of the temple, you see a truly horrific sight. The forest, lit by shafts of pale moonlight, is alive with rotting corpses clawing their way free from shallow graves. You try to count their numbers, but soon realize there is little point. The undead horde appears to approach several hundred, if not several thousand, members. There is nowhere to run; stiff, shambling forms fill the landscape as far as you can see in every direction. The dubious safety of the temple is now your only hope of survival.

Hundreds of animated corpses crowd around the temple, three and four rows deep. Every conceivable race, both civilized and savage, are represented among the shambling horde. Worse yet, the corpses of dinosaurs, dire animals, and even more fantastic beasts add their mass and strength to the zombie assault. Despite the zombies’ numbers, there are still gaps in their ranks; gaps the fleet and nimble among you might use to escape the multitudes of undead. However, as if the gods were reading your thoughts, a stag suddenly bursts from cover and runs a bounding course through the advancing zombies. Hope soars within you as the stag easily dodges the clumsy blows of the first few undead it encounters … before the great, animated corpse of a tyrannosaurus rex surges from the mass of undead bodies surrounding the temple and snaps the stag up in its colossal jaws. The stag utters a single bleat of pain and surprise before the zombie T-rex’s jaws slam down, stifling the stag’s cries in a gout of blood. A wriggling pile of smaller zombies quickly forms around the undead dinosaur, eager for the gobbets of flesh falling from its mouth. The stag provides only a momentary distraction for the zombie horde. In seconds, there is little left of the poor beast beyond a crimson smear on the ground. But there is fresher fare still to be had, and the masses of undead press in, clawing at your hastily erected defenses

Ryan: “What is WRONG with you?”

  • A few failed athletics checks and the barriers were not erected in time. The party was now facing a challenge far beyond their character stats. Anticipating this, the DM made sure the party was equipped well above what was normal for their level.

  • There were many groans at the table when it was told that Sora didn’t have turn undead, but the healer’s mercy replacement power proved useful.

  • Without a wizard or other AOE dealing player, the party had serious minion woes. Rolan took the brunt of it, going down twice in the battle.

  • The DM was determined to fix Garth’s voice so that he was no longer a Keebler elf. They slit his throat and he nearly died. When he was healed, he had a deeper voice.

  • Lancen was learning 4e still, and we determined he had Great Cleave, which was a major turning point against the minions. The main tipping point, however, was probably Sora’s Beacon of Hope, which calculated that Rolan was still up (at 1hp!) since it made the enemies do half damage.

  • In total the battle dealt OVER 1000XP leveling everyone up instantly! Ah, the joys of being overequipped.

Enter Lancen

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