The Creation Pattern

The Central Disk Used to Unlock a Terrible Ancient Power


This disk is very old looking. It has slots of various shapes that are used to hold schemata. Closer inspection reveals an intricate map of unintelligible arcane complexity. Baron and Thoran observed that the center was in the shape of an elven hand.


Creation patterns of all sorts exist, from those used to magically craft mundane items to those designed to craft exceptionally powerful magic items. The first schema, recovered by the party from a forgotten Cannith forge deep within the bowels of Sharn, is one of four parts that make up an ancient creation pattern. This particular pattern, the Xulo Pattern, wasn’t developed by House Cannith, unlike most. It was discovered on the mysterious continent of Xen’drik by Kedran d’Cannith shortly before the start of the War of the Mark, some fifteen hundred years ago. It has untold power coveted by many.

What did Kedran find? He found one part of a four-part pattern as well as a stone tablet describing the pattern itself. As the War of the Mark escalated, Kedran hid the schema in his secret foundry, where it remained hidden until the party discovered it deep in the Dorasharn Tower.

Kedren also prepared a number of texts that his family used over the centuries. Some of these texts described the purpose of creation patterns that Kedran studied and researched on his trips to Xen’drik, and which House Cannith was eventually able to develop into the patterns used by their own artificers and magewrights. One text, the journal describing the location of Kedran’s hidden vault, was lost to antiquity until Bonal Geldem of Morgrave University discovered it. In fact, Geldem worked with Lady Elaydren until an agent of the Lord of Blades murdered him and the journal fell into the hands of the party. Elaydren then hired the party to recover the Creation Pattern and its schemata.

After recovering the Dorasharn schema, the party went on a long adventure to recover the Pattern and another schema from the Whitehearth Facility. Haestus D’Cannith apparently used the schemata to create powerful beings, such as The Destroyer and Calmachia.

Rivals for the schemata include Bladebearer hobgoblins, The Lord of Blades, and perhaps most importantly, The Emerald Claw, under Garrow. Garrow claims to have all the schemata except the remaining one in Xen’drik, which is believed to be at The Other Place.

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The Creation Pattern

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