Murkoorak's Orb

This crystalline silver gem glows when you have advantage over your foes.


Implement (Orb)
Enhancement: + 2 to attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: + 2d6 damage, or + 2d1 0 damage if you have combat
Power (Daily): Free Action. Trigger: You hit a target that is
granting combat advantage to you. Effect: You deal 2d6 extra
damage to that target.


Murkoorak’s Orb was the last component of the Ashen Crown to be recovered from long lost ages. It was buried deep under the market cobblestones of Greywall where Tikulti made his betrayal, killing Yeraa and her team, and taking the rest of the Ashen Crown to Demise.

When Thoran was captured by the Emerald Claw, it fell into their hands along with Ashurta’s Blade. The party recovered it after defeating Mallora and Content Not Found: keltis_.

Today, the orb is the least used component, Acamath √Član preferring staffs as implements.

Murkoorak's Orb

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