Karruuk's Circlet

This mithral and gold headband enhances your knowledge and forges an unseen link between the scattered fragments of the Ashen Crown.


Item Slot: Head
Property: You gain a + 2 item bonus to Arcana checks, History
checks, and Religion checks.
Power (Daily): You can use a Detect Object effect (as the
ritual; PH 303) to know the distance and direction to any
one fragment of the Ashen Crown. An Arcana check determines
the range of the effect.

Arcana Check Result Range
9 or lower 2 miles
10-19 5 miles
20-29 15 miles
30-39 30 miles
40 or higher 60 miles

If you do not use this power to locate a particular Crown fragment, or the closest fragment is out of range, you sense the general direction to the closest fragment.


Karruuk's Circlet

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