Captain Talleon Haliar Tonan

The Ruthless and Cunning Leader of Sharn's Dark Lanterns


Captain Tonan is a gnome of average height and a chilling complexion. He would be one of the best liars, but there is one flaw— he doesn’t look trustworthy. If he told you your shoe was untied you would be afraid to look down. He has been able to use this to his advantage. The anger and fear and mistrust he generates makes it easy for him to manipulate people.

“I understand that your brother Thoran has never been the same since his encounter with the Emerald Claw. I am very sorry to hear that. But, fortunately for him, they aren’t quite as good at what they do as we are.”

Talleon heads the Sharn branch of the King’s Dark Lanterns. The party encounters him after turning in Lucan Stellos. He makes it clear that the party will be detained indefinitely for his own purposes. Baron reacted and pinned the blame (and an arrow) on Zorebots, resulting in a more thorough interrogation that was suddenly ended without any explanation other than “It seems you have powerful connections.”

Captain Talleon Haliar Tonan

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