A Tyrannical Warforged Zelot


Praise to the Lord of Blades! Oh how we love and adore him!
Sharp is his mighty steel, he sweeps all weak flesh before him!
Slaughter our foes! Reign on them blood-bursting blows!
Save only those who implore him!

Saber was first encountered in the ruins of the Dorasharn Tower. He calls himself ""greatest of all the servants of the Lord of Blades." His mission is to secure the creation pattern and its schemata for his master.

He has an enduring rivalry and hatred with Andathar, and is unforgiving with anyone who has slighted him or blasphemed the Lord of Blades. In Sterngate, he killed Rolen. He also ransacked Lady Elaydren’s house and left her for dead.

In Xen’drik, he has an uneasy alliance with the Emerald Claw.


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