Gydd Nephret

An Enthusiastic Intellectual Who Got Mixed Up With the Wrong People


Gydd was exceptionally outgoing and animated, and had a way of making everyone feel as though he or she was interesting. She tended to use big words and to ramble on about topics in which she was interested.


Professor Gydd Nephret was a specialist in Dhakaani era relics in the archeology department at Morgrave University. She was able to provide the party with much information about the Ashen Crown. She was a love interest of Thoran and was rumored to have had an “encounter” with colleague Professor √Član. Nephret became the second of Morgrave’s “Therendor Three” when she was captured, interrogated, and eventually slain by Dannae Ulyan. The party found undead waiting at her apartment soon after her kidnapping. In Asurta’s tomb, they discovered her as a dreadclaw soulbound undead.

Gydd Nephret

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