A Dwarven Warlock


In the early 970’s YK, Draigdurroch came to the Karnn Wood in search of the remains of a terrible demon said to lay there. Sometime during his research, it is rumored that he caused a calamity that threatened to encase a large swath of Karnnath in an eternal winter. He hasn’t been seen ever since.

Many of these mysteries are laid bare in his journal:
Draigdurroch was part of a cabal of warlocks that sought new pacts with ancient, evil powers. Deep in the Karnn Wood there lay buried the Heart of Bazzok, a red gem said to be taken from the chest of apowerful demon by the same name. It was what he left in Eberron while he sleeps in Khyber. Draigdurroch found the Heart where an ancient temple to the demon once stood, and spent his lifetime trying to find ways to tap its power and perhaps commune with the demon to whom it belonged.

However, the fey spirits who dwell within the Karnn Wood and in coterminous places in the feywild have long been aware of how dangerous the remnants of Bazzok could be if the demons’s power fell into the wrong hands. They have appointed themselves as guardians to ensure that no one tampers with the evil being’s resting place. When Draigdurroch’s efforts began to bear fruit and the dwarf warlock drew upon the latent echoes of Bazzok’s power to form a dark pact, the fey approached him and warned him to cease his meddling.

By looking at the warning signs and other clues in the journal, the following can be gathered:
The warlock was confident in his powers and ignored the warning. For his temerity, the fey punished him. Draigdurroch was imprisoned within the Feywild and his tower was sealed in a block of magic ice as a warning to others. The fey set a powerful crystal holding a spirit of winter to act as the keystone holding the icy barrier and to contain the Heart of Bazzok.

The ritual enacted by the fey was designed to have a limited area of effect—Draigdurroch’s tower was encased in ice, but the surrounding lands were not supposed to be affected. Unfortunately, such a powerfulspell cannot go unnoticed forever. Draigdurroch’s tower contains several small rifts to the Kythri that he had created as part of his arcane research. Recently, a group of ice warriors discovered one of these rifts when they were drawn by the strength of the cold energy emanating from the gemstone. They have taken up residence in Draigdurroch’s
tower, finding it a most hospitable environment thanks to the perpetual layer of ice. The warriors have begun to modify the ritual that the fey created, increasing its power and spreading the effects of the magical frost over a larger area. If they were not stopped a permanent winter would have encased an entire province of Karnnath and the Heart of Bazzok would have broken free and turned the undead against all living things.



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