A Skullborn Necromancer Who Sought Immortality and Found Death


A thin but striking elf woman, clad in colorful, exotic robes and jewelry. Her raven hair framed an ornate funerary mask-only her sharp ice-blue eyes and fine chin and mouth were visible.


Demise was a Skullborn necromancer who coveted the Ashen Crown‘s power over death. She was the principal villain in Seekers of the Ashen Crown, plotting and manipulating to gain all the pieces. With her strong and deep connections to the Emerald Claw, she introduced the first conflict with the Order. She was the only one to whom Tikulti had anything resembling loyalty.
Thoran was the first to encounter her charming manner at the Aerenal Embassy, where she took the name Lady Dannae Ulyan. Before being captured, Gydd Nephret was able to leave a note saying that she was an evil necromancer. Demise killed her and used her as an undead repository of knowledge. While trying to complete the ritual that would unite the crown, Demise was killed in Ashurta’s tomb.


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