Mouldy Rye Butter

"Nylaagh! Take a Shower!"

Our heroes struggle to repair the barricades as more zombies burst through.

The temple is filled with a cacophony of thick, horrid moaning and the staccato rhythm of hundreds of undead fists beating against the temple doors. Suddenly, a sharp cracking noise echoes through the temple, and you realize your defenses have been breached!

Undead creatures start crawling out of the rubble on the floor as well. Amun is prepared to take up his sniping position and pick off enemies safely like in the last round of undead. All is going well until a a zombie soldier and gravehound pin him in the alcove. He takes heavy damage and cuts his way out, then takes on the appearance of a zombie in an effort to throw them off…

DM to party: “You see another zombie appear from around the corner.”

Rolan (playing games on his comp): “I shoot him!”

DM: “You miss. Its eyes widen and it starts dodging the arrows in a dexterous, un-zombie like manner.”

Rolan: “Second attack.”

DM: “Barely hits. Amun goes down and returns to his changeling form.”

As Garth and Sora tried to heal Amun from the other side of the chamber beyond the bookshelves, a zombie started to kneel over him and go after his skull, cold fingers on his head being the first thing he felt when he came to. There may never be a resolution as to whether or not Amun’s move was a good one. He argued that his clothes and equipment did not change with him and that there was cover (arguments that the DM found reasonable and so reduced the arrow damage), but the DM ruled that all the other clues would have been easily ignored by the party in the chaos of battle.
They quickly erected more defenses in another skill challenge.

This time big uglies burst through. The DM indicated that this was basically a boss battle. One particularly powerful zombie was identified as Amun’s dead brother. Läncen rushes at the enemies at the west door. He deals more damage to a corruption corpse, which the DM describes as having a “stench far beyond those of any other of the zombies who smell like roses in comparison. Your eyes sting and you are literally coughing.”

“Nyaagh laaygh! Take a shower!” he says in his Schwarzenegger voice. Another zombie grabs him and starts strangling him. He spends most of the remainder of the encounter in that embrace. Towards the end, he breaks free and joins the others in the center battle, to the zombie’s dismay.

“DoN’t leAVe mE! FiNe then, I GET CUSTODY!” It gets late and the side adventure concludes.

The zombie shudders and collapses as the energy animating its rotting body dissipates from your attack. You turn toward the main doors, expecting another wave of fiendish undead. Instead, the temple interior is suddenly filled with shafts of pale, morning sunshine, bursting through the cracks and holes in the doors and walls. You then realize the forest outside the temple walls has become still and quiet.

The clearing around the temple is littered with hundreds of bodies, from tiny, shrunken goblin corpses to the behemoth carcass of what appears to be a dragon. Corpses are stacked up against each of the temple doors ten and twenty high, and the stench of rot and death fills the air in a nauseating miasma… and it suddenly becomes very cold.



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