Mouldy Rye Butter

Back into Shargon's Teeth

We return now to our main adventure where our second party is traveling beneath the waves in the Sea Dart. It has been a long journey, with Claz and Thoran etc. suffering Zoltan’s antics, but it is not as bad as they predicted. To make things better, Captain Byam took a shortcut through Shargon’s Teeth.

Beyond the clear dome of the observation blister, a breathtaking vista reveals itself in startling hues of phosporescent color. Thosands of glowing fish, some in shcools, some alone, flit through the dark water. Great columns of stone, painted in luminescent yellows and greens, punch up from the darkness below and extend toward the surface, slowly narrowing as they reach upward. Some of the columns are only tens of feet across, but those farther away in the hazing distance could be far, far broader, perhaps supporting small islets of rock on the surface.

Captain Byam Says, “The Teeth, as seen from a different perspective. Beautiful, don’t you think?”

There was a loud bang as something enormous hit the ship. The hulking shadow of a dire shark swam off beyond the view of of the observation dome. The gnomes begin to curse and shout.

“Captain! It’s damaged the elemental binding ring!”

“Blast that overgrown sardine’s misshapen fin! We can’t stay in the water! Rise! Rise!” As the ship rises it gets caught in sahuagin traps. “We’re going to need to cut her loose.” He provides the party with scrolls of water breathing and underwater crossbows. They exit the vessel and tridents dart through the water as they begin their assault.

“Time to skewer some fish!” Garth says, readying his longspear. Thoran takes aim at a sahuagin seen riding the shark, while Zoltan swims underneath its belly. Thoran twists and tumbles in the water as the colossal jaws snap at him. The gnomes cut the ship free and the remaining sahuagin retreat from Claz’s thundering waves called from the gods.

The “island tooth” jutted out of the water enough for the Sea Dart to land. “This will have to do while we make repairs,” Byam said.

“Why here? How do we know it’s safe?” asked Thoran.

“The ship’s in no condition to go anywhere else; and no, it’s not safe. I’m counting on you to fend off anything that comes.”

“Then we will take watches.”

Zoltan did not want to go outside. He was too intent on how much he wanted to kick the gnomes. He hates gnomes. They belong in Khyber. Khyber will enjoy having them there. The Mother will enjoy having them there. She will enjoy devouring all the moldy butter she wants.

The Destroyer kept watch out on the rock. Sure enough, more sahuagin emerged from the waves and they did not look happy. The Destroyer alerted the group and ran to meet them. With great speed, Thoran lept from metal fin to fin of the ship unleashing a rain of arrows with breathtaking rapidity. Their spellcaster in back saw their falling ranks and directed the magic of the sea at Thoran. Jets and jaws of water vexed the elf. The sahuagin that was riding the shark fought long and hard in the deep fray, clawing and biting. But only their spellcaster got away.

“I knew you could handle it!” said the gnome captain.



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