Mouldy Rye Butter

Welcome to...

The jungle sped past the party like a dream, thanks to Andathar’s Shadow Walk ritual. They arrive at the base of the giant colossus of an upraised hand, from which a small stream springs forth. They stand and try to consider its significance. There is writing in Giant in the stone which Matt translates:

“Welcome to…The Destination.”

The Destination considers this, noting how this all seems very familiar. When he bends down and drinks from the stream, there is a great noise. The stone shifts and reveals stairs going under the monument.

The stairs do not descend far before they come to a chamber, in which lay the ancient ruins of a 20 ft tall warforged. The Destination recognizes himself. It is the ruins of his old body from a previous life. He used to be a warforged. And a very powerful one at that. The giants feared his power and combined to destroy him.



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