Mouldy Rye Butter

Statues and Warlocks


The tower is encased from top to bottom in a shimmering cocoon of pure ice. The sunlight is reflected in all directions by the angled planes of the frozen barrier, which climbs to a single peak in the air at the top of the tower and widens as it plunges to ground level. A palpable sensation of bitter cold emanates from the tower and its icy prison.

Through the imperfect mirror formed by the ice, you can see that the exterior stone of the tower has been carved into a massive series of sculptures and reliefs depicting various devils in flight. It is as if a huge swirling column of fiends had erupted from deep within the earth and was being pulled into the heavens. Their mouths are open, though whether they are laughing or screaming is hard to tell.

A circular stone walkway winds around the tower’s base, and squat statues of leering devils of all sorts line both sides of this path. The cobblestones are frozen over and look slippery. The tower’s only obvious entrance is a single door at its base, but a foot-thick sheet of solid ice stands in your way.

Near the entrance, a hooded figure walks, appraising the tower.

Quickshot in an instant has an arrow drawn at his cheek. “Who are you?!” (Chris P. sings softly, “Go go Emo Raaangers…”) The figure turns around to reveal himself as Erdan Ramlaedh, whom Quickshot had met earlier in his adventures. “I know you,” Quickshot says lowering his bow. Erdan, ever the quiet one, nods in recognition. He had come searching for information on Draigdurroch, a dwarven warlock who sought to tap into the power that rests in these lands but then was not seen or heard from in thirty years and the location of his tower was lost— until now.

The party now turns their attention to the tower and they ponder for a moment on how to breach the ice in front of the door. As soon as the suggestion of breaking through comes up, Läncen takes his hammer and starts smashing through, sending shattered ice everywhere. On the third hit, he makes contact with the door and some of the statues come to life.
One of the devils carved into the side of the tower suddenly turns its head toward you. Ice breaks from its stone wings as it takes flight. Several of the statues along the sidesof the path also shudder and shake off the frost that coats them.

Sora determined these statues were homunculi, and that they were given abilities to defend the area. The winged one gave Erdan and Quickshot a lot of grief, dazing them and using its limited invisibility. The party fought carefully on the frozen cobblestones. The other guardians did extensive damage, leaving Sora wondering if they could endure going through the tower. But night was coming and the blizzard would be coming back worse than before.



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