Mouldy Rye Butter

Takin Care of Business

Quickshot Laid arrows into their leader, sending shards of ice flying. The others responded by laying punishment on the group, dealing damage as fast as Sora could heal. The party took them out as well, and all that were left were the foot soldiers coming up from the first floor, who had already began to do enough damage to begin to be noticed.

After a while, they began to notice that they didn’t stop coming, leading to different theories of what was “spawning” them. In the corner, Amun noticed an ancient, weathered stone demon head. It was the head of the same demon statue that was in the back of the temple. Läncen charged it in a fury, cleaving it in two, but they still came through several of the doors down below. Sora looked down the stairs and lead the way for some of the melee fighters, while Quickshot and Amun took sniping positions above in the railing. They cut through the stream of soldiers, tracing them back to one of the fireplace portals and begin hedging their way and destroying the exit. Meanwhile, Garth finds himself suddenly floating above the ground. He determines it is an invisible elevator similar to a Tenser’s Floating Disk, and he contemplates using it to visit the third floor, but then goes off with his longspear to help destroy the portals. With one of them destroyed, the Kythri warriors retreat back to their home plane.



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