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Frozen Flame

The PCs bust down the door and carefully peer in as conditions worsen outside. A grand foyer with a vaulted ceiling stands around them with ice reflecting the light of colorful everburning torches and the glowing eyes of demon statues. This light is reflected everywhere by the ice and frost that covers all surfaces, producing an eerie effect. They split up (!) and begin exploring the rooms.

There are many oddities they notice. Everything looks lived in, as if frozen in time. On some shelves there are many books on demons and devils. But most peculiar was that in the fireplaces the flames themselves were frozen in blue tongues. Amun begins experimenting with them, while Erdan examines one closely and observes that they are actually portals to Kythri, the realm of elemental chaos. In another room, frozen cold fingers clutch sheets hiding the forms underneath them. Quickshot is not slow to forget the necrotic power that is hidden in the cursed land and has an arrow at the ready, while telling Läncen to break open the frozen sheets. They reveal two older men that have their faces frozen in terror.

Quickshot gathers up the group and they have an argument that nearly results in shoving and wrestling to see who gets to be in the safe middle. Clearly, they are terrified by what might lay ahead up the stairs they are about to ascend…

The whole party sets ready actions, completely on their toes, only to find that there were others waiting for them all along.

A featureless creature made entirely of translucent blue ice stomps forward. It wears heavy armor and carries a huge maul-shaped chunk of frozen ice. Behind it, a more slender version of the same creature creates long, sharp missiles of ice, ready to throw. Yet another version of the same basic creature, this one wielding a wicked blade of glistening ice, glides across the floor, jagged shards of ice crystallizing out of thin air all around it.

True to his name, Quickshot sends arrows pounding into them with his powerful bow, criticaling and shattering one of the melee toughs. The brute tries to run down the stairs with his retort, but Amun’s crossbow finishes him off. He runs up and starts shooting more. The party them begins to be blasted with cold damage. They seem to be making quick work of them when Garth, at the bottom of the stairs, sees several more coming out of various rooms of the lower level, cauing him to retreat up the stairs.

The Situation:

Amun is up next. Remember to keep track of everything! What is your hp? How many healing surges do you have? How many action points? What powers have you used?


BTW SapientSap, my program shows that you are actually slowed, so you could have only moved one square forward.

Frozen Flame

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